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It Only Took One…..Believe to Achieve, Inc. Foundation is a 501(c)3 entity that believes in encouraging reading in the entire household while promoting the usage of local libraries.

This foundation is dedicated to my first teacher and also to honor my godson. My first teacher, Vera Barney, laid the foundation and my godson, Tray Walker, helped me see the importance of early learning. They both rose to the occasion and overcame many challenges in their lives. Not only did they finish high school, but both became college graduates. Having the ability to read helped them to achieve their goals. Destined to be great, is not only this foundation’s motto, it is what we all firmly believe. Like those who inspired us, it is certain that it only took one to believe, for them to achieve.

By building stronger readers within the entire household, families will begin to obtain greater knowledge, increase their children’s academic success, promote family goal setting, encourage the pursuit of higher education and build future leaders that will create stronger communities for generations to come.


Our motto is, "Destined to be GREAT" and we believe that YOU fit that mold. The first step is the hardest, but the rest comes with more determination to move forward. Remember, IT ONLY TOOK ONE!


Dionne Pollock, Founder