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The goal of the foundation is to reach the youth of the community and their families by giving them a chance to believe to achieve.

You may say how? 

We go out into the community and reintroduce the love of reading. We take the library to them. We meet them where they live. If it's at a youth event, community organization or church, we can be there. We work with all reading programs used by our local schools.

As for our teachers, we will seek out their needs. We know that the local budgets are low, so our goal is to bless them with the supplies that they need. These supplies would be what they need in the classrooms to encourage the learning environment. The supplies enhance the learning environment making a massive impact on their students.

 In honor of the late Tray Walker, a local kid from the “hood”, an exclusive library card is being created, called “DESTINED TO BE GREAT”. DESTINED TO BE GREAT  is going to be the library card to encourage reading at local libraries. He reached his goals through education and reading, which allowed him to achieve a position as a professional football player. Everytime you use your exclusive library card, you share in honoring him. 

We the board believe that, "When you believe that you can, you really can.".  Reading and literacy are the keys to developing strong minded individuals who are equipped to compete in a global society. We are committed to seeing that our inner city youth have the opportunity to reach their full potential..